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The example of old conventional school (make us realize, how wrong is conventional school)

We will explain to you all, how is Industrial Age School System working. It s very wrong. Your children will have factory worker's mindset.

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Biaya yang terjangkau

Biasanya IGCSE hanya tersedia di sekolah-sekolah internasional yang biayanya sangat mahal. Hanya bisa dinikmati oleh keluarga yang berpenghasilan tinggi. Meskipun sebenarnya, banyak keluarga berpenghasilan menengah yang ingin menyekolahkan anak-anaknya di sekolah yang memakai kurikulum internasional seperti IGCSE. Karena keterbatasan dana yang tidak memungkinkan para orangtua mewujudkan keinginan tersebut. Regency International School (RIS) berkomitmen menyelenggarakan pendidikan yang berkualitas internasional dengan harga terjangkau, sehingga sekolah kami bisa menjadi berkat buat masyarakat yang lebih luas. Kami bisa mengatasi masalah biaya yang tinggi ini dan sekarang bisa menyediakan kurikulum IGCSE Cambridge kepada keluarga berpenghasilan menengah melalui e-IGCSE. Dengan metode ini memampukan RIS :
-Menjaga Konsistensi dan kualitas mengajar kepada semua murid.
-Berfokus pada belajar kepada siswa bukanlah sebaliknya.
-Kurikulum yang mengikuti kecepatan anak dalam belajar.
Ijasah SMA Kami Diakui Didalam & Diluar Negri
Ijazah Regency International School (RIS) diakui di Indonesia, USA, Singapura, Australia, Malaysia, dan negara lainnya. Penilaian akademis kami dikaitkan dengan IGCSE Cambridge atau "O" Level.

Learning with technology


It is called “The Rise of the Computerized School” and was made by Shigeru Komatsuzaki for a Japanese magazine called Computopia in 1969. It shows the author’s vision of how a classroom will look like in the future. The teacher is just an image on the screen and the students each have a computer to use. There are also robots that punish disobedient students.

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We have a new education system that mirror Cambridge curriculum

Tidak semua anak memiliki kemampuan yang sama. Tujuan pendidikan sekolah kami adalah menemukan kemampuan setiap anak yang berbeda-beda. #tkregency #regencyinternationalschool #igcseschool#cambridgeschool #eduseeds #eduseedsjakarta #eduseedsindonesia

Rabu, 11 Oktober 2017

Regency Preschool and Regency International School ( eduseeds )

Open enrollment for 2018/2019 academic year, Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and IGCSE class.
We partners with eduseeds to mirror Cambridge program. Welcome to join us.

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Kamis, 29 September 2016


One day, one of my students T , still hadnt been picked up by his parent. And his parent didnt notice us anything by phone. After an hour waiting, suddenly someone s coming wanna pick up him. Of course we as his teacher need confirmation from his parents first. We didnt want something unexpected happened. Coz it s very common that we always said to our child :"Dont talk to stranger, dont talk to anyone..!!" To prevent  the child from kidnaping.
Well back to my student, T, suddenly he whispered to my right ear. I have a password for him.
Eh ??? A password ??? What for ?? I asked.
Mommy will give a password to someone who will pick me up today, T replied.
Oh ok, pls tell me first and then u ask that person, I curiously get closer to T. And he told me carefully so noone can hear beside me.
"What s your password sir ?" T asked the guy. "Oh it s ***********." the guy answered.
Ahaaa the password is the same as T told me.
Ok T, you can go home now. After I got the signal from other teacher who call T's parent at back. Without T knew it.

This is a good idea, I ve learnt alot from this situation. And my student really give me a smart way that any other parents can use it to prevent their child from kidnaping.
Hope my writing can do help to you all.

Good job T.

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