Minggu, 22 Mei 2011

Missing lyrics

This is still with the Top 10 list, I want to continue our singing become more excited games. This is how we played the games. At first we split the children into two groups.
And I gave a small bell to each group so they can ring the bell before they answer the questions.
And I started to sing a song. When I stopped singing, they have to ring the bell and I pick the fastest group who ring faster then they can answer by continue singing the blank lyrics.
Wow this is a new invention games in kindergarten for us, simple but very effective to give them a lot of fun and also practicing their memory.
Also a lot of them forgot to ring the bell first. So I must to review the rules over and over again. But it's worth.

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Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

TOP 10

Finally, nearly the year's end. We had learned a lot, including new songs. This year we sang a lot of mandarin songs that I already translated them into english. Those make our song library become richer. I didn't realize that we already have 10 new songs this year.
Now this is the time for us to do the countdown of the top 10. The children are really excited about it, they are following me singing the songs one by one from 10th to 1st. I let them to speak up their mind about which song is the best. I'm so excited too coz they never stop arguing each other which song which is on the top list.
Anna said," I like the duck song, coz I had duck at my home."
Bryan said," I like the tiger song, coz I want to have one at my home."
So many arguments among of them.

It's very nice my teaching's idea already make them busy and can lift up the class atmosphere :)
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Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

Shoes Incident

This is about shoes, nothing else. And this is the first time in my teaching life that I ever experienced . One day after all of the students already went home 2 hours before. Our school's office phone was ringing, I immediately got the phone. Because the only teachers left in the school, there were only me and one lady teacher.
" Hello, I am the mother of H student."
I said,"Yes mam, what can I do for you ?"
"Oh I have to tell you, Mr.D. My child miswears shoes at school. I think her friend got the wrong shoes."
I replied,"Ok mam, tomorrow we will check if there any students realise that they got the wrong shoes or not."
"Ok, thank you Mr.D. see you tomorrow."

In tomorrow morning, I remember that yesterday's phone. And I also asked the other teachers to help me to find the students with the wrong shoes.
Suddenly I met the student who her mother called me yesterday.
I asked her," What happened with your shoes?" I tried to examine her shoes, her shoes is black color with pink flowers all around them.
But I didnt find anything wrong, oh perhaps she got the wrong size shoes after got changes from her friend.
And the student said to me with smiling,"I got the wrong side of the shoes."
"Ohhhhhh............................. hahaha."
I just didnt realise that she came to school wearing the shoes with all the right side shoes hahaha. Can you imagine that ? She had to wear all same side shoes to school for finding the other true side of her shoes.
So now it's easy for us to find another victim that wearing with all the left side shoes.

That's how we find a lot of ridiculous moments in kindergarten :)
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