Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

TOP 10

Finally, nearly the year's end. We had learned a lot, including new songs. This year we sang a lot of mandarin songs that I already translated them into english. Those make our song library become richer. I didn't realize that we already have 10 new songs this year.
Now this is the time for us to do the countdown of the top 10. The children are really excited about it, they are following me singing the songs one by one from 10th to 1st. I let them to speak up their mind about which song is the best. I'm so excited too coz they never stop arguing each other which song which is on the top list.
Anna said," I like the duck song, coz I had duck at my home."
Bryan said," I like the tiger song, coz I want to have one at my home."
So many arguments among of them.

It's very nice my teaching's idea already make them busy and can lift up the class atmosphere :)
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