Minggu, 28 Februari 2010

Cooking class ?

Sometimes funnythings are happened in kindergarten, especially in playing time, right after the meal time. Kids are always bringing toys to everywhere into the playgorund. Well after finished the playingtime, most of them are putting the toys back. Just few of them ignore to do that. It has already been 1 week, some kids do "the cooking class" in one of our toyhouses. No teacher pays attention of this, we just realize after everyone go home, we saw this beautiful small kitchen  :). I am always thinking to find out who did that, but I always forgot this. They know how to put stuff or arrange stuff in the right place so it's kind of interior designer do. Whoever are they (coz till today forgot to find out) we believe we already taught them well :)

Rabu, 24 Februari 2010

Doctor 's visitng to school

Today's there is a doctor visit to our school, dr.Vita. To meet children and to talk to children about healthy and hygene. The kids are very interest about it, because we already told the kids that no need to afraid of doctor. The doctor is very kind. :) Alot of question that dr.Vita  asked. There is one question that answered by a child so cute. He is Kazio. Dr.Vita asks,"How many kind of doctor that it has?". Kazio answers," There are two kinds of doctors, a boy and a girl..........................". hahahaha everybody is laughing include dr.Vita. Of course after that we tell him that what dr.Vita means.

I've got mail, an idea from Mrs.Deborah J.Stewart

Finally.............we made it, with the help of other teachers which I designed it first. Now after a month, we made it, the postmail pockets for children that children can send letters each other by putting letters in their freinds' mailpockets :). Can't wait to start using it :). Thanks again Mrs.D.

Senin, 22 Februari 2010

Book's cover = home's situation

Recently, I realize that we already have been for 8 months  the children used the practice book. Some children still have their books in good shape, but only a few of them have their books just like this -------------------------------------->>> shape.
What a poor book, too bad that the children didnt keep you well enough,,,,,....?????? do you think this is the children's fault? Then I asked Euodia the one that has her books in good condition. "Why you so nice to the book, look at your book, it's still in good condition". She answered ," Well my mom always keeps an eye on me when I am working out my homeworks". After that I asked Arvio the one that has the "poor" books, and also had ever lost his books at home once," why your books are so dirty, and rip off all the way on the edges?" He answered me," Sorry sir, I will tell my mom to buy a new one, when she has time."  My poor Arvio, his parents dont have time for him at all at home. Sometimes he forgot to do his homeworks. Well I will prepare the brand new book for him. I hope his parents will pay attention for him as soon as well. It's a pity to see the reality, nowadays parents are so busy, everybody's so busy, no time at all...................

Minggu, 21 Februari 2010


In K-B class I give students score for the test every two months. Score 60-100, below 60 I just write 'study more' down. Of course there some kids have a nice score this time but not the other time. Only few of them have a good score everytime. One day I have a student named Janice, the last month's little test she had score under 60, and my other student named Vinca always had a good score. This time little test, I also kind of surprised that Janice got perfect score ,a 100. I said 'good Janice, nice job'. And funniest thing that Vinca were asking Janice with a surprised mimic,"Really Janice? How come you can get 100? " . OMG I just realize that we have a competition in here, and they take attention to their competitors wow... Kids are unbelieveable, with score we believe that kids are being motivated to reach and to get what they want. Study hard will get good result. This only take effect to K-B class, it's not for K-A and P-G class. They still don't understand of it. :)
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Sabtu, 20 Februari 2010

Raining for new colors

It's already two weeks that we are experiencing raining everyday. Everybody had their own raincoats, including the children's. Now my daily viewing , will see many raincoats hanging on everywhere, on the backdoor, on the wall, on the seesaw, on the sliders, etc. The coolest thing that the kid's raincoat are very colorful (blue,light green,yellow,red,purple,pink), so eyes-catching. Our school now is much more colorful. We got new ideas for the school's environment color painting then. Sometimes ideas just pop out that we never expected before, just look around us......
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Senin, 15 Februari 2010

Baking bread

Today K-A are baking breads, everybody are so happy. Everybody are preparing their breads by themselves. It's very interesting that they can do exactly by watching the teachers. Haha see the kids are so exciting about their breads. After that we help them to bake the bread. The class are already hungry, let's enjoy the breads..... Yoohooooo.....
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Kamis, 11 Februari 2010

Chocolate for mom and dad

yes this week PG classes make the chocolate for valentine's day. The teachers are preparing the ingredients after that the children just pour the melting chocolate into cute plastic malt. After that they stick the little heart shape on the chocolate after we wrap it with plastic wrap. So the kids can know chocolate maing process, can pour it then taste it. It's a new experience for them. Happy Valentine's day Children............ :)

Senin, 08 Februari 2010

Just wait and sit down, please ! :)

Waiting room, the kids should sit and wait at. Haha that's our procedures, that's what we want. No one will sit in the waiting room, they will be running around in the waiting room. I mean if there are 5-6 kids in the waiting room. They are talking, chatting, laughing, sillying hahaha ................. well they are all kids, what do you expect from them, an adult?????
But when there's only 1 kid left, now you can tell him/her to sit down. That's very cool things I found, kids need to socialize to others. They feel so happy..............happy...............happy........... when they meet their friends :). We saw it as naughtiness but they felt it as happiness :)

Sabtu, 06 Februari 2010

Fine motor skill for helping teacher :)

Thank you Kezia, Kezia is one of my students. At that time, I was kind of busy preparing my Mandarin worksheets. I saw her that her parents hadnt picked her up yet. Then I called her for helping me to clip bundling with the bundle clipper. At first time she needed long time to bundle it, after took a while she got used to it. Haha a little bit sweating, she really took seriously the job, then finish the jobs. The girl, Kezia, really has sense of responsibility :) Thanks again

Kamis, 04 Februari 2010

Ideas for teaching

First time teaching was in 2006, really really nervous in front of kids. The class was just like in chaos, some kids were playing under the table, the other one was on the table haha.. The teaching materials that I prepared were completely useless.
Suddenly I got an idea, we took the kids outside and I told them that the garden hadn't watered yet,
Let's watering the plants, hahaha kids really like to play with the water, incl watering plants. They took the jobs very seriously,
Even they were asking to me abt the plants' names. We didn't realize it already took an hour.So from that moment I always remember, took ideas from the nature, then the nature will finish the jobs by itself :)

There is something wrong with my blogspot

I have no idea what happened, but now when I visit my blog, only January's posts show up, Feb's post not show up. And when I wanna make new entry post, I cant upload photo files from my computer. It always said, "failed".................................. OMG

Selasa, 02 Februari 2010

Littering plans part 2

Finally, when I already put poster on the wall "THANK YOU FOR NOT LITTERING" with green background. I reduced 75% of trash that belong to children in the class and parents at waiting room. No food anymore on the floor, but there are still some used tissues and used plastic glasses on the floor. Well that's ok, it can be cleaned quickly. If there's food on the floor.................... yackkkk......!!!!
Hmmmmm...............but still left 25%, what can I do with that ?......hmmmm........wondering, have to find another ideas. Perhaps I will put the "talking trash bin" that like the Japanese has....... :) or should I put CCTV camera on every corners................ mpppiuuhhhhhh...........

Senin, 01 Februari 2010

Attitude guidance for child 入则孝 ru ze xiao

I found this book is very interesting, it will useful for our kids :), do you think so ?

fu mu hu, ying wu huan
if parents call you, you immediately answer them ,dont postpone it

fu mu ming, xing wu lan
if parents give you a job, immediately finish it, dont be lazy

fu mu jiao, xu jing ting
if parents are telling you, you must hear them respectly

fu mu ze, xu shun cheng
if parents discipline you, you must accept with open heart

chu bi gao, fan xin mian
tell parents when you go out, and find them when you come home

from 弟子规  by Master Zeng Zi (Chinese Philosopher, live in Tang Dynasty)
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