Minggu, 21 Februari 2010


In K-B class I give students score for the test every two months. Score 60-100, below 60 I just write 'study more' down. Of course there some kids have a nice score this time but not the other time. Only few of them have a good score everytime. One day I have a student named Janice, the last month's little test she had score under 60, and my other student named Vinca always had a good score. This time little test, I also kind of surprised that Janice got perfect score ,a 100. I said 'good Janice, nice job'. And funniest thing that Vinca were asking Janice with a surprised mimic,"Really Janice? How come you can get 100? " . OMG I just realize that we have a competition in here, and they take attention to their competitors wow... Kids are unbelieveable, with score we believe that kids are being motivated to reach and to get what they want. Study hard will get good result. This only take effect to K-B class, it's not for K-A and P-G class. They still don't understand of it. :)
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