Senin, 22 Februari 2010

Book's cover = home's situation

Recently, I realize that we already have been for 8 months  the children used the practice book. Some children still have their books in good shape, but only a few of them have their books just like this -------------------------------------->>> shape.
What a poor book, too bad that the children didnt keep you well enough,,,,,....?????? do you think this is the children's fault? Then I asked Euodia the one that has her books in good condition. "Why you so nice to the book, look at your book, it's still in good condition". She answered ," Well my mom always keeps an eye on me when I am working out my homeworks". After that I asked Arvio the one that has the "poor" books, and also had ever lost his books at home once," why your books are so dirty, and rip off all the way on the edges?" He answered me," Sorry sir, I will tell my mom to buy a new one, when she has time."  My poor Arvio, his parents dont have time for him at all at home. Sometimes he forgot to do his homeworks. Well I will prepare the brand new book for him. I hope his parents will pay attention for him as soon as well. It's a pity to see the reality, nowadays parents are so busy, everybody's so busy, no time at all...................

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