Rabu, 24 Februari 2010

I've got mail, an idea from Mrs.Deborah J.Stewart

Finally.............we made it, with the help of other teachers which I designed it first. Now after a month, we made it, the postmail pockets for children that children can send letters each other by putting letters in their freinds' mailpockets :). Can't wait to start using it :). Thanks again Mrs.D.

4 komentar:

Deborah (Teach Preschool) mengatakan...

That is wonderful!!! I am so happy to see your mailbox:) Love, Deborah

Regency Kindergarten mengatakan...

Thank you so much, Mrs.D. Love, Danny

Ayn Colsh mengatakan...

Danny, this is great! much more attractive than my plain old pocket chart!

Regency Kindergarten mengatakan...

Thank you Ayn, well can't finish it withoout woman's touch which is the other teachers.
There is a red mail pocket under the green one, green for PG class (3 y o) and red for K-A and K-B classes (4 & 5 y o). Bcoz the green one we put more pix on it, to encourage them.

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