Senin, 14 Desember 2009

Creativity for children

All kids are creative, they're born that way. But more than ever before, children are losing their innate ability to "think outside the box" at early ages. In schools government standards have prompted teachers to focus on teaching skills and knowledge needed to pass tests. They hope parentswill be able to encourage children to explore and imagine. But parents, overwhelmed by the pace of the schedules, all too often dont have time to sit down and help their kids write or draw or discover. They hope the school will pick up the slack.

Where do most kids go to feed their imaginations ?
That's rite, television, computer games, videos. Though these provide entertainmentm they do little to encourage kidsto make up their own stories, their own games, generate their own ideas.

What should we do then ?
Sit down with your kids or students and give them a chance to dream up a story. Help them brainstorm. Develop a main character together. Give them some paper and challege them to come up with their own superhero, cool house, or a perfect pet. Or reading a story just like the old time our parents, that's really tickling their imaginations.

Good try ! :)

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