Kamis, 29 September 2016


One day, one of my students T , still hadnt been picked up by his parent. And his parent didnt notice us anything by phone. After an hour waiting, suddenly someone s coming wanna pick up him. Of course we as his teacher need confirmation from his parents first. We didnt want something unexpected happened. Coz it s very common that we always said to our child :"Dont talk to stranger, dont talk to anyone..!!" To prevent  the child from kidnaping.
Well back to my student, T, suddenly he whispered to my right ear. I have a password for him.
Eh ??? A password ??? What for ?? I asked.
Mommy will give a password to someone who will pick me up today, T replied.
Oh ok, pls tell me first and then u ask that person, I curiously get closer to T. And he told me carefully so noone can hear beside me.
"What s your password sir ?" T asked the guy. "Oh it s ***********." the guy answered.
Ahaaa the password is the same as T told me.
Ok T, you can go home now. After I got the signal from other teacher who call T's parent at back. Without T knew it.

This is a good idea, I ve learnt alot from this situation. And my student really give me a smart way that any other parents can use it to prevent their child from kidnaping.
Hope my writing can do help to you all.

Good job T.

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