Sabtu, 16 Januari 2010

Gifts From the Heart

What you'll need

• Crayons, pencils, paints, or other art supplies

• Paper

• Packaging from around the house

• Your child's special gift

What To Do

• 1. Talk to your child about gift giving. What does it mean to give something to someone else?

• 2. Instead of buying a gift, have your child make a gift. Does your child have a special talent? Maybe your child would like to sing or write a song for a relative? Is there a chore your child could do? Maybe wash the dishes for a week. Is there a special toy that could be loaned to a sister or brother for a week?

• 3. Use materials from around the house so that little, if any, money is spent.

• 4. If the gift is an activity or chore, have your child make a card with a note on it, telling what the gift will be.

• 5. Have your child use imagination in making an inviting package. Perhaps your child could paint a small rock and wrap it in a big box. Or make an envelope out of the comics from the Sunday newspaper.

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