Selasa, 08 Juni 2010

Eyes contact and Hand signing

First thing in the kindergarten, we have to understand that we are facing the children. We are facing a group of happy children. We know what happen when they are happy or too happy. They were playing too excited, they even didn't hear me when I was calling them. Or even when I touched their shoulders, they didn't pay attention to me.
What's wrong with that, there was nothing wrong. We just didn't have the eyes contact with the children. When we had a chance to meet eyes contact with them, we can do all of the hand signing to communicate with them after that.

* How to get eyes contact with the children : just get in the right position for targeting ones, pro active and be patient :)

* Hand signing is very important, it's the beginning of learning more about body gesture for socializing.

* When you got the eyes contact, immediately do the hand signing before the situation will be expired :)
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