Senin, 31 Mei 2010

This year

This year, we'd been through a lot of things together with the children. The K-2 class will graduate soon. I just remember that we did a lot of silly things, playing around together, we are so happy with that.
Well although I 'd been through this every year, the sad feeling always pop up suddenly in worth of my tears. They are always in my heart. A lot of things that I will be missing. Just like watching them playing in the waiting room, always be a chaos there :)
Or helping me watering the plants, well they were also watering the class :)
Or they were setting up a dinner table for me to join :) with imaginary food.
Or they are hiding under my table, for testing up my heart beat :)
Etc........ A lot lah.
But what makes me really proud after all those things above. They will say,"Mommy...mommy, they are my teachers, I love my teachers so much."
*sobbing* in happiness .
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