Selasa, 04 Mei 2010

Left hand

Recently I am so busy with my offline works, and also I tried a lot of things with the children the idea that I've got from other's blogs. Some can be done and some can't be done as we expected to. But the results were better, hahaha...........

And now, today morning finally one of my students, V is coming to school. After 4 days she had rest at home. Because she got accident when she was playing see-saw at her uncle's apartment park. I got the news in monday morning when her mom called me, and telling me that bad news. I asked her mom,"How come?"
She said when V was playing see-saw, she played with 3 other kids. And it happened so fast that the see-saw's handles, usually which the kids grab when they ride the see-saw, were bent and broken, got pulled off.

She and her friend, both of them felt on the ground, in bad position. Her friend was falling on her, and it got her right arm. I just can't stand it hearing the news on the phone. Immediately her mom brought her to a Chinese medical doctor (Sin She) for having the arm treatments. There's a problem with hte bones.
But I have to admit that V is very understandable girl, although she is only 5 years old. She understood that when her mom brought her to the doctor, her mom told her that it would be really hurt. At first V was very scared. But her mom gave her 2 choices : #1 do you wanna be like this forever and cannot go to school ? or #2 let the doctor handles it, it's very ....very ......very hurt only for one time, and your arm will be well soon.

She made the choice, she picked the Choice #2. What a brave girl :)

I meet V at school today morning, I saw her with the arm treatment.
I asked her,"is it still hurt?"
"Yes, still a little bit."
Since she cannot write with her right hand, she must write with her left hand. It's very hard for her to do that.
But she didn't give it up, she keep trying it. She is so sad that her hand-writings are not good anymore.
I immediately said to her,"Don't worry V, I will also use my left hand to write on the white board. See that............. my left hand writings are also not as good as my right hand writings."
Hoho.... apparently my left hand writings is really worse than hers :)

Now I can see her beautiful smile is back on her face again. :)

"Hope your arm will get well soon."

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