Rabu, 05 Mei 2010

See, hear, touch

Last week's post , I was writing our activity about finding the animals in our school's backyard for K-2. The children were very enjoying their time.
At this time for K-1, I make a table chart which is containing 3 categories of the way you finding the animals. And some pictures of bugs, birds and reptiles on the other papers.

They have to find the animals :

By seeing it.......
By hearing it ........
By touching it ........

And they have to color the animals with different colors each by according how the way they find it.
It's really challenging their ability to use their senses.

So I bring them to the backyard, and we begin searching in the bushes, under the trees, on the ground, etc.
At first we find the animals by seeing it. We found a lot of course.
The second time, by hearing it.
I tell the children to close their eyes, and start to listen surroundings very carefully.
One girl said," Ms. Reni !!!!!!"
Hahaha that's my teacher mate, apparently she has a loud voice. When she is teaching we can hear her voice from our backyard :)

"No honey, that's Ms. Reni. Try another." I replied.
It's pretty amazing they are, they have a good hearing. And very sensitive hearing too :)
We found bees *buzzing* and we found birds *chirping* and lizard on the wall *clicking*

The third time, I ask them which animals can be touched and cannot.
Well we only found ants that can be touched.
I was also introducing to them some animals that can be dangerous if we touch it.
Like spiders and bees.
Birds and lizards are unreachable.
We were really enjoying the moments, no one wants to stop looking for it.

Before the class is finished, I give them the final question ,"What animals that live very close to us in backyard but we can't see it, we can't hear it and we can't touch it."
"What are they ?"

PS: I wish someone can make me a simple song for this backyard activities. So I can sing the song along with the children :)
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