Selasa, 25 Mei 2010

Matches and shapes

Now the K-1 class (4 years old) have a chance to make shapes.
They make shapes from matches. Here are the materials that we should prepare :
- a box of matches
- A4 color paper for the media
- white glue
- cotton
- little tiny cut green paper

We have to guide the children to create shapes.
Let them try it first to create the triangle and rectangle, don't put the glue yet. After they succeed to make it, then they can try to use the glue with.
We want to make a simple house with little garden in front of it.
The steps are :
- create the triangle shape
- create the rectangle shape under the triangle shape
- put cotton as the cloud in the sky
- put the glue under the house shape
- pouring the little tiny cut green shapes

Voila, a small house is ready to tease your imaginations :)

Happy trying @ home.
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