Rabu, 19 Mei 2010


Yesterday so early morning, as usual there was just one kid already come to school. Her name is Jess. Jess is the famous one in the class , because she's so active. I think she is the gang leader of her friends. Wow :). She is so special to me because she is always coming to school earlier than me. I never met that before. I realize it's almost one year, and she and her parents are so consistent for coming to school earliest.
After she put her bag in the classroom, then just go out and play in the playground. While she was playing, suddenly she was calling me from the distance.
"Mr.Danny...... Mr.Danny....... "
I said,"What's the matter , Jess?"
She replied,"I found an half mango,sir."
Half mango ???
I found that an half mango on the ground, it fell from the mango tree last night.
FYI our kindergarten has a giant 30 years old mango tree.
It's been already at there since the beginning of the kindergarten.
I look at the half mango, ah I see. It's a bat that did it.
"Last night a bat was having a party at here." I said.
"A bat, Mr.Danny ?" She asked.
"Yes, the mango is beginning to ripe at up there. The smells is really good yeah. The bat was attracted by its smells." I answered.
" Oh we must pick all of them now. Before other bats know the mango." She replied.
"Hey that's a good idea. I will pick one for you yah, because you give me the idea for saving the mango's sake up there." I told her.
And then I pick the big one which the most below one and give it to her. She is so happy to receive the mango from me. The mango is very big, as big as my open palm.
"I will give it to my mom, when I got home." She told me.
"Oh really? Don't forget to wash it first, ok?"I replied.

After the school I and the office boy were picking all the mangoes from up the tree till evening. We have 108 mangoes back there. :)
Can't wait till tomorrow.
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