Sabtu, 15 Mei 2010

As a replacement teacher

This is very interesting. One morning it came out that one of my teacher mate who teach english in english session didn't show up. She got sick.
And I have to fill up the english session with the material that she prepared before. Because I was the only one at that time who has the free minutes.
When I came inside the class, with english teaching materials. I saw the children's face, they were a little bit confused by my present :)
And suddenly one of the children asked me ," Where is Miss C?"
And I answered them," Sorry, Miss C is sick today and cannot come to teach you guys."

After that we begin the morning greetings.
I greeted," Good morning, children."
They replied me," Good morning, Miss."


I was jumping backward a little bit and said," WHAT.......???!!!! Am I a Miss now ? Hahahaha ."
They were all laughing too, they forgot that I am a male.

And then all the time in that session , they always called me wrong.
"What is that Miss , ooppsss...sorry!"
"Can you help me ,Miss ? Oops sorry again."
"I can't see it , Miss , oops!"
And so on with oops this oops that.
I only can take a deep breath then.

I guess the english session, it really sticks to our Miss C's image. Even she is not in the class, but she is present to the children's mind and the children's heart always. It can really control the children's tongue :D LOL

I am wondering if I also have a temporary replacement teacher for my mandarin session, what will happen then :)
Will be like this also ? OOPS :)
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