Senin, 10 Mei 2010

See with your ears

, o
This is a simple game, I knew this kind of sense game from a comic
book. I read the "KUNG FU BOY" comic books. I am very curious to that
comic, it told me that we can really hear the tiny little bird's voice
nearby the waterfall.
Is that possible ?

As we know that we really depend to our five senses in our daily
activities, but we only use our sight sense as our first main sense to
do all of our activities. Approximately 80% we really depend on our eyes,
we only share 20% to four others.

I bring the K-2 class to go to the school's backyard. I give them 2
minutes to see everything in there and tell them to memorize as much
as they can. After 2 minutes I tell the children to close their eyes
and blindfold them.
"Ok children be silent please, no voice from you."
"Listen carefully your surroundings, find things for me, find it with
your ears."
"I also blindfold myself."
This is the beginning of our adventures in the backyard. It's so
amazing, they actually really find a lot of things with their ears.
Even without knowing where the sound come from. This is the list that
we found in our backyard :
We found "birds" (actually we don't know where the bird is)
We found "train" (there is a train station a mile away from us)
We found "so many cars"
We found "buses"
We found "motorcycles"
We found "polices" (haha........ we can hear him very from here)
We found "foot-step" (by hearing it from the neighbour)
We found "fire-fighter's car" (of loud)
We found "radio" (our neighbour is playing the radio)
even we found the "push-cart seller" in our backyard (they are yelling so loud LOL)

Hahahaha................our backyard's so noisy, pretty amazing yeah............

Finally I have to say that so many things that we really miss out because we didn't use
our five senses very well, especially our hearing.

The most important that they are practising how to concentrate and
focusing on a thing by using their hearing sense.

You can play with this little game with your little kids at home.
Have fun then :)

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