Rabu, 05 Mei 2010

Answering the door

"Why" This is the question I always ask to myself, even until tonight.

It was happened this morning. When I was accompanying my student before they got picked up, in the waiting room. Someone suddenly was knocking on the door *KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK* with panic sound.
I just opened the door right away, I saw a mom of my student with her heavy breath and sweating just like running a 10K. "Sir, my son , did he already get inside the class?" She asked.
I said,"Already , ma'm."
After that she said,"Mr. Danny, I just wanna tell you that when the class will be finish. Please tell my son to wait for me."
"Don't let him go out with anyone else, including someone that will tell you that he is his father."
Basically I never met his father before. There is always his mom the one who pick him up.
I just realize that something happened in their home.
I know it's hard for me not to care about this, or pretend not know anything about this.
I know that her son still doesn't know about this.
I guess I just keep standing out of the circle from this problem.

I know how to answer her ,"Ok ma'm, don't worry about this."

That was the best answer I could give to my student and his mom.
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