Jumat, 26 Maret 2010

Comic books

All these times, I found that my students often brought some comic books to the school. But they only just wanted to show off to their friends.
Just looking at the pictures for a while, after that they put it back into the bag and never open it again till got home. They didn't have a willing to share it with their friends :(, or read it together. Some of them are so picky.
Yesterday we got an idea, how about to let them bring their own comic books to school. So each one of them will bring different comic books then for today.
I let one girl start to read the comic in front of her friends.
" Ok go ahead ", I say.
She starts to read it, and all of her friends only see the comic cover.
"Vina, your friends cannot enjoy your comic. Please hold your comic beside your shoulder while you're reading it".
"Can't do that ,sir."
Oh I forgot, only a teacher can read it in that way :)
"Well children , all of you can make a small group and read the comic together", I tell.
Aha.... Each student now can enjoy their comics together.
While they are reading, I am asking Vina,"what is the title of the comic?"

" Sapi kebelet kawin " she say. (English : a cow that want to get married)
"What....!!???"I really wanna know how's the story goes, but I don't have a chance to read it coz their hair are blocking my view.
I thought perhaps I will ask her to let me read it for a while. After school I try to find her but then her mom already pick her up to go home.

Oh no, I really wanna read that comic badly. Pleeaaasee......
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4 komentar:

Michelle mengatakan...

I am so happy you found a way for all the children to enjoy the comic books and learn a valuable lesson in friendship. I hope you get to find out if that cow gets married or not!!!

Regency Kindergarten mengatakan...

It's weekend, I guess I have to wait till Mondday :(

Deborah (Teach Preschool) mengatakan...

Hahahaha! That is too funny Danny! I hope she brings the comic book back so you get to find out more about the story..

You have taught so many lessons through their comic books - it is so much more fun to share and read together than all alone.

Regency Kindergarten mengatakan...

@ Deborah : sharing to everybody, make us happy. :)

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