Sabtu, 06 Maret 2010

Heart touching story

Kids are so excited when we tell them that we want to tell them a story. "Hooorrraayyyy.... " They re yelling. The story of one leg toy that I choose. Why I choose that story, coz recently I saw the children are a little bit disrespecting to their toys. I want to grow their sense of belongings. The story is a little bit different from the book, it's adjusting the way of life in here. I don't bring the book into the class, but rather sketching and drawing on the whiteboard. 'That one day a rich dad bought a lot of presents for his daughter. She found out that one of her dolls got only one leg'. 'She throw the one leg doll out of the window onto the street.' 'While outside starting to rain, the doll is starting to cry.' The children are starting to get stunned at this part. 'The doll feels so cold,lonely,dirty no one wants her.''And it started to cry'. ' With all the way on the street, into the river by a dog, and swap away by the river's current, finally get to the river bank nearby a poor family house.' The poor family has one little girl that find the one leg doll on the river bank.' The little poor girl is very happy.''So the doll now has a new home, with little poor girl that is loving it forever'. Some kids drop a little tear on the eyes corner after finish listening to the story. They feel sorry for the doll in the story, also they begin to remember their toys at home that they already broke it. They didn't realize that already wasting a lot of toys at home. They promise to play carefully and must take care their toys much better next time. A lesson for me : If we want to give a message to children, the best way we can do is telling them a " heart touching" story. After the class, one girl came to me and said, 'Sad story, sir'.
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