Rabu, 31 Maret 2010

Yue lai yue xiao

My topic for teaching mandarin today is "yue lai yue da, yue lai yue xiao" (it's getting bigger and bigger, and it's getting smaller and smaller).
Although the weather is a little hot outside, and our classroom's air conditioner got a little bit of problem ( not cool enough ). But the children are still so excited about our mandarin session.
"Ok children, we say it together ... 1..2..3...." And all of students say it together," yue lai yue da".
After that I asked them," what kind of stuff that is getting bigger and bigger ?"
All of them said," a baby !!! A tree !!! We are also getting bigger and bigger!!! ........"
"All of you are absolutely right", I replied.
"And now let's say together yue lai yue xiao"
"Yue lai yue xiao!"
" And now what kind of things that is getting smaller and smaller", I asked.
"........................????", *silent* and they 're just looked like the audiences that start mumbling each other.
"What ??? Can you all answer it ? Look at surround you, and find a thing", I said.
"I don't know Mr. Danny."
(Hmmmmm..... I think it's a little bit hard to answer even who read this post have to think it very hard, am I right ? :)
And suddenly one students ,name Arvio, start to answer it. Arvio basically is a smart boy, but sometimes he is too busy to talk to his friends rather than answer my question :)
He answered," An eraser, sir." (He means rubber eraser).
"GOOD ANSWER!! ", I said.
Finally ..... After 5 minutes waiting their answer.
" Any other ??? " I asked.
" A pencil, Mr. Danny."
" Good answer too."
" Felicia ...." Luckily Felicia is the smallest girl in class. It's a desperate answer I think.
" No, she is not getting smaller. But she is just smaller than you."

And until the class is over, we only got those two right answers :(
Any ideas from all of you ?

Yue lai yue da = it's getting bigger and bigger.
Yue lai yue xiao = it's getting smaller and smaller.
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4 komentar:

Scott mengatakan...

The food on your plate? (because you are eating it)

Regency Kindergarten mengatakan...

Yes Scott, you are right. It make senses. Just liked cake, pizza etc.
And lately I also found a stuff that can be done in both situation (can get bigger and also get smaller)
Can you guess it :) ?

Deborah (Teach Preschool) mengatakan...

A balloon gets bigger and bigger when you blow it up then smaller and smaller when you let the air out.

Regency Kindergarten mengatakan...

@ Deborah : Hahaha, 100 % true. It's not an april fool day's riddle thou :) . It's too easy for you, Deborah :o)

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