Minggu, 28 Maret 2010

Smileeee........................ *click*

Today is parents meeting in school, all teachers are busy preparing for that. The meeting will be held after the school. We plan that while parents have the meeting, their children are waiting on the playground.
I am busy arranging the chairs for parents to sit. And I ask some children for assisting me, for telling the direction of the meeting-room to parents. They are really good assistants. Thank you.

While I was busy and also everybody were, suddenly I heard the clicking sounds from my back. But I ignored it coz I was too busy. Sometimes I heard it from my back, sometimes I heard it in distinction. And then the sound came near again.

When I heard the clicking sound for few times, I was so curious. I turned my body around as lightning, wanna see where it came from. I saw one of my students, a boy ,holding a camera-toy, "capturing" my pics.
I was standing at there without moving, like a big statue, and parents were also watching at the boy and me.
And also other students are watching at me and him. (Why suddenly everybody are looking at me ,huh...?)

I was thinking," Ahh..... let's be silly lah..." I started posing in front of the camera, with silly pose. The boy were just standing there, with mouth opened, not saying anything, already forgot to click.
I said,"hey, quick take a pic of me, I am posing for you........."

After saying that, I couldn't remember how many pose I had, and other students started to pose too with me and others. Everybody are starting to smile and laugh including the parents.

Haha, it's really nice to have a laugh session before the meeting.

The meeting goes well after that.

{The camera-toy was mine, I had it when I was a child. I donate it to the school 2 years ago..........so happy that now the children can play with it too}

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