Senin, 01 Maret 2010

Little finger that painting

Finger painting is the most common drawing acitivity in kindergarten, but as every year we've done it, we still find new thing about it or different material to make it.
Last year we use the ingredient from sago glue and today we use the glue for woodplex (not for PG class) , and the color we use is the food coloring. So it's safe for children.
K-B class color the ice cream, we add some textures after finish coloring. The texture on ice cream cone, so it's three dimensional-like. The finger painting help children to control their fingers, they can use their each finger tip with different colors, it's really challenging for them. Some of them can't do that, but we keep encouraging them to use at least 2 fingertips.

For K-A class is coloring the baloons, much more simple. After all finished, we take the drawing under sun. It takes 3 hours to make the drawing dry completely.


2 komentar:

Deborah (Teach Preschool) mengatakan...

I am not familiar with the materials but these turned out wonderful. How did you add texture?

Regency Kindergarten mengatakan...

Deborah, I used white glue that mixed with some food coloring stuff.
So the glue will produce a very thick surface of it on the paper.
Before the glue is dried, we press the glue surface with our fingernail to make cross line.
Et voila, when it dries, the cross line becomes hard textures.

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