Senin, 22 Maret 2010

Honest Scrap

Hmmm..............I think this is a good idea not only in blog worlds but for our pocketmails. I think I am gonna use this methods for the children in writing the postmail- letter :) . Hahaha I think it's going to be so much fun when the children are being honest to each other.

I've got the award from Deborah J.Stewart who really inspire everyone about early childhood education. She also has liitle fingers that play and Excellence in early childhood education in my favourite blog lists.

And now in this event, I'd like to pass this award to all the bloggers in the world of bloggership :). First thing I have to be honest :

1. I like to watch cartoon movie, it makes me smile. Especially when it's the silly one :)

2. First time I faced the children, and was teaching in front of the class. I was sweating. Pphhuhh.....

3.  I nearly got a job as a water-fountain designer, coz I am really crazy to watch dancing fountain.

4. I like to dance with my daughter, and my wife recorded it. When I watched it, it seems that I am sillier than my daughter :)

5. My english is not too good, but it's really strange how peoples understand me.

6. But I can speak mandarin fluently, but only few can understand me :)

7. I was stealing something.................. from Deborah J.Stewart, her blog design is awesome. I stole some of her blog designs and put it into my blog.

8. I am always keep saying "drop comments into my blogs, please", when I met my little sister. And she is keep saying to me ,"Later lah !!" . Till now she only put one single comment in my blog :(

9. I'd like to eat PIZZA coz it's big and alot , 8 pieces !!!!! ..................
No, just kidding. A Pizza is teaching peoples how to share to other peoples. The power of sharing.

10. I and my wife love to eat frozen yogurt in Sour Sally, especially when it has 50% discount.

Now the 7(+) blogger :

to all of my students, they are the future blogger. We will play this honest scrap with pocket mail, ok?

2 komentar:

Deborah (Teach Preschool) mengatakan...

You made me laugh and I love learning more about you. Your English is getting better and better - all this blogging must be good practice!!

I love that you dance with your daughter and I love that you are finding ideas from my blog to help you - you are welcome to anything you need:)

I am so enjoying reading your blog and learning more about your class and you!

Regency Kindergarten mengatakan...

Well never blogging about my honesty before.
Thank you to drop comments, and good luck to your doctorate :)

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