Kamis, 04 Maret 2010

Confusing broken bookshelf

I remember a funny story that happened last year in the kindergarten. One of my students, name is Vynna. One day I found out that one of our bookshelves was broken on the first shelf, below part. We all teachers were kind of weird and surprised by this coz never happened before even the shelves is quite old. We investigated a few students at that time who playing around there. Finally we found two boys admitted, but were still in confusing face :) .Then we fixed the broken shelf immediately. A week after that suddenly Vynna , a girl student, came to me and tell me that she broke the shelf again, just like the last time that she did. Huhhh..........?????!!! Then she demonstrated that she wanted to reach the toys and how she broke the shelf in detail, with a sweet smiling face. 'Why you just tellin' me t'day?' She just confused. Hahaha...LOL sometimes when I remember this, I am just smiling by myself :)
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