Jumat, 09 April 2010

The Food Artworks

Aha...! Moms and children in team's cooking competition for celebrating the Easter. For the contestans,  the competition's rules are  :

1. should be adding the eggs ingredients in the food, but make it as simple as possible
2. the good teamwork between mom and child
3. hygene ( of course ...... haha )
4. the good taste

Very awesome, it's very interesting that all of the children have the competition's spirit. They wanna be the winner. Especially their moms start saying ,"Help me here" or "Help me with that" or " Help me to put those....." or " Don't eat that.........yet."   :) The playground is now full of laugh from everyone.
All of them already cooked the egg and other ingredients at home, so at school they're just arranging the food on the dishes in a nice compositions.
One had drawn a funny face with the fried egg :) and the others had designed a pretty house with the egg, with some noodles for the cloud  LOL :D. Is that a "man" on the food ?

And how you designed the food by adding a pair of wiggling eyes, this is for the example :

We're displaying the food artworks on the table so every other parents can see it. Hmmmm...... Yummy !
So guess, who is the winner ? :)

Thank you moms, thank you children for your great enthusiasm in this competition.
Happy Easter everyone.

PS : please do not swallow the wiggle eyes :D

2 komentar:

Deborah (Teach Preschool) mengatakan...

Wow - those turned out wonderful!

Regency Kindergarten mengatakan...

you are so right Deborah, they born to be creative moms.
I bet you'll like the taste of Indonesian food. Rice............ :)

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