Selasa, 06 April 2010

Numbers, teeth and yawning

This is a review from the last year lesson, numbers in mandarin session in my class. The numbers are until 18 (shi ba).
When we start to begin counting 1 to 18, it happened that one of my students was yawning so big that the whole inside view of his mouth was seen by me. Well it's still in the morning, but I never dreamed of last night that I will see the biggest yawning today in the morning :)

"Wow Zio, you are yawning in front of everybody." He's just smiling while still yawning.
Suddenly I have an idea................................................
"And now everybody must count Zio's teeth."  I am saying it with my wicked smile. LOL :D. Because  I think this is a good idea for learning numbers.
"Count only the upside teeth." I continued. Because I was teaching them 1 to 18 only.
"Ok Zio you start yawning in count of three, 1.......2.........3........yawning........ !!! "  :)
And then everybody got closer to Zio and start to count his teeth.

" Oh Zio, you only had ten teeth on upside. And now I will open my mouth, and everybody count my upside teeth." I was asking.

After finish counting, they all said," You have 16 teeth, Mr.Danny."
"Why do you have 16 teeth, sir ?"

I answered it," Because I am already grown up, and anyway my mouth is bigger than yours." :)
"All of you will have 16+16 teeth later when you are big."

"And Zio next time, please go to sleep earlier at the night before, so you won't yawn again in the class in the morning." :)

1 = yi
2 = er
3 = san 
4 = si
5 = wu
6 = liu
7 = qi
8 = ba
9 = jiu
10 = shi
11= shi yi
12= shi er
13= shi san
14= shi si
15= shi wu
16= shi liu
17= shi qi
18= shi ba

2 komentar:

Sherry and Donna mengatakan...

Good on you Mr. Danny ... you never know when a teaching opportunity will present itself to you. Well done for taking advantage of this funny situation! :) :)

Regency Kindergarten mengatakan...

Thank you Sherry and Donna, for your comment.
The situation is always changing in the class.
I must find a way immediately for keeping a fun atmosphere in the class.
Anyway a lot of yawning will produce bad air ,LOL :D

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