Senin, 19 April 2010

A liquid absorbing device

Kids really love to play with water. I mean who doesn't like to play with water :)
At this time the children have got a chance playing around with it.
Don't be afraid of their clothes will gonna be wet, a lot of them care about their clothes instead.

Now we introduce the sponge to the 3's . We didn't tell them the name of this stuff. They are so curious about it. The soft feeling in their hands and when they press it, it becomes smaller. If they release it, it becomes bigger.
We demonstrate how to use the sponge to fill up an empty bucket with water.

One by one, they start filling up the bucket with their both handsFrom this activity, now I know who have patient and who have not. And this is one of the montessori activity that I know.

The children are having so much fun with this. Squeeze here squeeze there, splash here and splash there.
Ho ho , I tell them this is called sponge.

After the class is finished, one of my boys came to me and asked," Can I take the sponge home, sir? I want to play with it and draw eyes on it."

"Huh ??" Hmmm,... Really weird.

I give away the sponge to him and he said thank you and walk away.

When I am on the way home, I suddenly stop and almost screaming ," SPONGEBOB... "
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