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Twin is a life's phenomenon to me, it's a gift from God. Every year our kindergarten is always having twins students. Any kind of twins, boy-girl or boy-boy or girl-girl. This year we have Steve-Jos twin brothers in K-2 and Claire-Cleo twin sisters in K-1. This is so incredible that we have double twins in a year, it's the first time.

Steve-Jos are identically twins. If we look at them, we can't find any differences with their body or hair or skin or face or the eyes. I often call one of them with wrong names. The only difference is a tiny mark on Jo's cheek that only can be seen on 30 centimetres face to face. Wow can you imagine that how difficult to recognize their difference ?
We have K-2 in 2 class, so Steve in K-2a and Jos in K-2b. When - I was teaching and asking Steve a question about something, the answers mostly the same as Jos. Vise versa. It amazed me.
One day Steve got sick and had to stay at home, I saw Jos was also a little bit different. It seemed that he missed his half. And the next day he also got sick and had to stay at home too.

Now about Claire and Cleo. When I look at them I know the differences between them. They are not so identically twin. Cleo has curly hair and Claire has straight hair. Both of them are in the same class, they are so dominant in the class. They are so pretty and charming. They got the same bright eyes and very smart too :). Had the same answer too in every questions.

After all they are just ordinary kids, can be happy or can be sad , can be lazy :) , etc.
I wish I have twin, it looks so much fun :)

But one thing I already learn from this, we may not compare them each other in the skills. Different person different skills and different characters. 

I think this year I must spend a lot of time with them to understand better about this twin phenomenon :)
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Deborah (Teach Preschool) mengatakan...

Absolutely, twins are amazing and we do have to take the time to find their uniqueness as well!

Regency Kindergarten mengatakan...

Absolutely right, Deborah. Sometimes I saw their mother wearing them the same clothes, the same shoes, the same bags, the same hair-styles. Actually they are not so same :)

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