Selasa, 20 April 2010


Zi fa : spontaneous

This is the act that all peoples have done it before. We were already planning it before. But sometimes we must be spontaneous to react to every kind of situation that we're not expecting so. Everyone have different reaction of it.

As long as I am teaching, the spontaneous is my super weapon to break the situation.

These are the situations that need our spontaneous infront the kids :

Situation 1 ---> a kid is yawning in the class, I break their yawning spell with my idea to count the kid's teeth. And everybody will be busy counting each other's teeth after that :)

Situation 2 ---> nose picking in the class , this is a big issue for all of teachers. And I am just saying,"Freeze........, put both your hands up in the air !! " And I am pretending that I am a policeman who catch a nose picking thief. ( Haha, I hope it's not too extreme )

Situation 3 ---> when a kid is running around at the playground and suddenly fall down. I m just saying ," HOORAAY...., you are the running winner." It will prevent them from crying. And I hug his/her body and checking out his/her possiblity of injury. If not then I let them to continue playing again.

Situation 4 ---> when the children are not paying attention to me and just talking each other in the class. I said," Ooopsss I lose my marker. Can anyone find it for me?" after that they found an erasers or pencils even hair accessories from under the tables.

These are the situation that I often face it. I just do what I must gonna do to lift up my class' mood :)

If you have another experiences, please tell me a story of it, thx
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