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How to hold chopstick ( children version )

Are there anyone can use chopstick ? :)
Today I am teaching chinese lesson for the kids. I am bringing many pairs of new chopsticks from home to show them to the kids.
I am always collecting chopstick , usually I took home an new extra pair of chopsticks from the restaurants. I never brought home the ones that I used to eat. So don't worry about that :)

I already prepared the learning tools which are : Chopsticks, numbers shape (EVA) and a small bucket.

When I come to class bringing chopsticks, the children are saying ,"Wow we are gonna to eat noodles."
Then I said," Nope, we will play with it. Is there anyone can use chopstick ?"
"I can !!!" " I can !!" " I can !!!!"
Hahaha everyone said," I can............ !!"

" Really ???!!" I replied it with a doubt.

I started to give the chopsticks, each one got a pair then. I guided them how to hold a chopstick  just like the last post ( Chopstick ). My hands are in the air when I demonstrated to hold the chopstick.
Everyone already held their own chopstick, as demonstrated by me.

"Ok, you start to grab the number "wu" (5) with  your chopstick and put it in the bucket." I pointed Vio.

He just cannot maintain to hold the chopstick in the right position, but he didn't give up.  Finally he succeded to lift up the number with his own way :)
I didn't say it wrong to them, because in this lesson I try to encourage them to practice to use chopstick.
Chopstick is the best way to practice their fine motor skill.

I am watching them using chopstick to grab the numbers shapes,there are 5 positions how to hold chopsticks :

1. Using both hands : each hand hold a single chopstick, just like holding a spoon and a fork. This technique is quite difficult, maybe I hardly do that too :D.

2. Sword and shield : haha this technique is the easiest one, they hold a pair of the chopstick in one hand. And then together using the other bare hand to lift up things :)

3. Crossing the sticks : They hold a pair of chopstick in one hand, the chopsticks is in cross position. And they successfully lift up things. { I have no idea how this can really work :D LOL, personally I can't do that }

4. Pushing : This might be against the chopstick's user manual book :) . They are just pushing stuff with chopstick, just like a hockey player :)

5. Big Jab : Haha with a big jab they stroke things with chopstick. This technique is very common among us when we eat a meat ball :)

I start to use chopstick when I was 4 years old. Start at young age makes me even better to hold chopstick when I'd grown up.
To learn to hold chopstick at young age, it just like when we want to learn to swim.

So everybody go and buy a pair of chopstick, use it when you eat noodles or even spaghetti.

Chopstick : kuai zi ( chinese )

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Asianideas mengatakan...

Chopsticks are a mainstay of dinner tables in Japan and throughout Asia. Japanese people have been using them since they were small children—that doesn't mean, however, that they've been using them correctly. In fact, many have not.

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