Rabu, 28 April 2010

In our school's backyard

We have a beautiful morning today. Beautiful sunshine, the weather is not too hot, not just like yesterday. The wind is not too strong, but still OK.
Today's activity for K-2 class is that I am planning to let them aware to our environment and living organisms among us in everyday life. It takes place at our school's backyard.

I bring the children marching at my back just like ants (they really like it when I lead the marching)to our school's backyard. There are 4 teams, each team has 4 members.
Apple team, banana team, tomato team and melon team.

Their jobs are to find any kind of animals that live at our school's backyard which they see or touch or hear from distance or maybe they find evidence of organisms without actually seeing them.
They must have use their senses to find the animals.
In my hand I hold blank list papers, and I share it to each team leader. The three other members of the team have to look for the animals and count them. And the team leader's job is to write down the animal's name on the blank list and also to follow the counting.

This is so exciting, they are just running right away and start looking for the animals at every corner of our schoolyard. It's very remarkable, at the first time I thought it's kind of hard for the children to build a teamwork. But when I see it now with my own eyes, how they run, how they coordinate each other, they are building a very strong teamwork at here.
Kid 1 :,"hi friends, come over here. I found ants here."
Kid 2 :,"I will look over there to find something."
Kid 3 :,"Hey look over here."
Kid 4 :,"Hey I know how to write bird, let me write it."

Those conversations above are very common that we found in this activity. And also we found a new unknown species bugs hiding in the avocado tree. Personally all the teachers don't know the name either :) See the picture above.
They also found a lot of living organisms inside a holes of the old jackfruit tree's trunk as their habitat. We found ant's nest inside. And also a tiny plant is growing inside the holes.

Luckily our schoolyard is very rich of plant and tree collections. It's not too hard to find a nice spot for finding the animals.

 We also found lizards but it's too fast for us to observe because they just run just like wooosshhhh........... inside the bushes.
We didn't realize before that our school's backyard has a wonderful habitat for alot of kind organisms. 
As the result, there are some habitats :
ants, worms, cockroach, spiders, butterflies, bird, flying bugs and lizards.

We really have fun today by doing this kind of teamwork's activity. It already took for half an hour, but the children still want some more times. Sweaty but fun :)

Here is the example of our observation's worksheet :

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