Kamis, 22 April 2010

A story of Greedy

Story by Tsabita Doll

There was a very greedy dog. This dog likes to take other dog's food. When it sees another dog was eating, it will chase and take the food from that dog.

One day the greedy dog was very hungry. The dog ran around looking for food. Near the marketplace, the greedy dog stole a piece of meat. The dog bit the meat and carried it home.

On its way home, the dog went through a small bridge over a creek. The water was very clear. The dog looked at the river below and saw clearly a dog's shadow on the water.

The greedy dog thought that there was another dog carrying a piece of meat...quickly the dog jumped into the water. The dog wanted to have the "other dog's" meat.

(In doing so) the dog lost the piece of meat from its mouth. The piece of meat was carried away by the river. There was no other dog. The one it had attacked was its own shadow. The greedy dog was soaking wet and with great difficulties reached the shore. The greedy dog went home sluggishly. Its stomach was getting even hungrier...

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