Selasa, 13 April 2010

What I do, what I did, what I will do

Yesterday afternoon there'd been a heavy rain at here. We had to wait untill the rain stopped, I was going home a little bit late then.
Today in the morning, it's a shiny day. When I just come to open the class , there still noone's coming yet. And then I am preparing the teaching stuff for today. After that I go to the playground to look at there for a while, I found that our playground is covered by just a few of dry leaves from the Jackfruit tree.
I have to tell you that our kindergarten has a big giant jackfruit tree on the middle of the playground. With its leaves and branches, it makes a big canopy shape, at noon it's giving the children a perfect shading while they are playing.
Lately, I just found out that in the rainy season, the jackfruit tree is producing a huge number of dry leaves. It's very strange, right ?
After finish preparing the teaching stuff, I feel I need to go to the toilet.
While I am in the toilet, I kind of hear the sweeping sound from the playground. Eh............. it's weird that I thought noone's coming yet.
I just walk out at once and try to find out, .......I see two of my students are sweeping the playground using floor squeegee :). Apparently only the two of them just arrived to school.

I am very touched by their kindness, I know at the other day I was just doing what I think it's the right things, by sweeping the playground by myself ( helping each other post ) . They just believe in me, what I was doing it's the right things.

The children really paid it well, they just do "what I do, what I did", and perhaps they will figure it out "what I will do".
Maybe this is what we always called the "bonding" between teacher and the children.

2 komentar:

Ayn Colsh mengatakan...

Danny, that is proof positive that you are making an impact on those little lives. How touching that they want to care both for you and their school!

Regency Kindergarten mengatakan...

Yes Ayn, nice to have them, that really makes them to believe that they have contributions for the school too :)

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